Budget 2018

PM Modi calls for Independent Palestine; Signs 6 agreements

Feb 11, During the historic visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Palestine, he called for an early realisation of a sovereign and independent state of Palestine and  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sought India’s support for achieving a “just and

US intelligence used Twitter to send ‘dozens’ of coded message to Russian spy

US intelligence officials used Twitter to send “nearly a dozen” coded messages to a Russian spy who claimed to have in his possession the National Security Agency (NSA) data stolen by the hacking group called Shadow Brokers, the media reported.

Dubai’s skyscrappers light up in colours of Indian Flag

Dubai, February 10: The UAE government has lit its iconic buildings in Dubai from Friday night ahead of Prime Minister

Thread | Kangana ranaut appreciating other Bollywood actresses

This is probably the only thread on Twitter without argumentative or insulting comments regarding a female celebrity. Kangana crediting Vidya

SA cricket team dons Pink Jersey in Wanderers game

Johannesburg, February 10: South African cricket team will be playing the 4th match of ongoing ODI series against India wearing Pink

All Premier, suburban trains will soon have four CCTV cameras in each coach

Northern railway GM Vishwesh Chaube Chaube announced that all Rajdhani, Shatabdi & Duranto train coaches are to be fitted with CCTV. Video Surveillance systems are to be installed at several

Link Aadhaar and book Tatkal ticket for free and pay later

Book now pay later is new IRCTC feature, better called as epaylater. You can book tickets through IRCTC with epaylater and avail yourself few time period to pay the amount

India will have Blood Moon on 31st Jan, know the places for the best sky view

New Delhi, Jan 30: A phenomenon which was last seen on March 31, 1866, 150 years ago will reappear in the celestial world- the super moon, blue moon and lunar

Switzerland named ‘The World’s Best Country’ For 2018

Switzerland is a piece of heaven on Earth and it is ubiquitous in every globetrotter’s bucket list. The snow capped Alps, verdant pastures, sublime glaciers, traditional mountain villages, buzzing cities,

Popular baby product brand names baby with Down syndrome as ‘Spokesbaby of the Year’

Washington, February 08: A popular baby product brand, Gerber has named Lucas, a baby affected with Down syndrome as ‘Spokesbaby of the Year’. Gerber which was founded in the 1920’s

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, #WhyImSingle is trending

At a time when the Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Twitter has taken up a new hashtag, #WhyImSingle. Though the sad reality, people have managed to light up the

Male model reaches women’s beauty pageant final

New Delhi, February: A male model who reached finals of a women’s beauty pageant was later disqualified for lying about gender in Kazakhstan. The male model, Illay Dyagilev participated in the

Chinese man paralyzed after 20 hours of non-stop gaming

Beijing, February 03: A Chinese gamer was paralyzed after playing games for 20 hours at a cyber café in Zhejiang province on January 27. According to reports, the man lost sensation