Beefban: Impacts and Consequences on second largest nutrition deficit country

Beefban: Impacts and Consequences on second largest nutrition deficit country. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, May 27: Beef Fry, the name itself is mouthwatering to most of the food lovers. Beef curry, beef fry, beef dry fry and chilly beef are a few of the very long list of beef dishes. But all

Flood in Kashmir

India to assist Sri Lanka in flood relief operations

Colombo/Sri Lanka, May 27: As catastrophic landslides and floods hit parts of Sri Lanka, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed concerned departments to provide all necessary assistance to the country in its flood relief operations. This came after Colombo

Dr Manmohan Singh’s Tit-for-Tat reply ti Sri Sri Ravishankar over beef ban

New Delhi, May 27: A study published by US researchers suggests that cow slaughter may indeed help mitigate global warming. The

Killing of Sabzar Bhatt, a big boost for Indian Army morale
Indian Army

Nagpur/Maharashtra, May 27: Defence experts believe that the successful elimination of Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) commander Sabzar Bhatt in Trail gives

Indian Army confirms ten terrorists killed in 24 hours in Jammu and Kashmir

Udhampur/Jammu and Kashmir, May 27: The Indian Army has confirmed killing 10 heavily armed intruders and terrorists in last 24

IndiGo has announced all-inclusive fares starting from Rs. 851 on select one-way flights in promo scheme

Mumbai,May25:IndiGo has announced all-inclusive fares starting from Rs. 899 on select one-way flights under a promotional scheme. IndiGo, which recently offered tickets from Rs. 851 on select routes, said the

Window of the Tejas express was found to be smashed while it was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai

New Delhi, May23:The Railways swanky Tejas Express was on Monday flagged off by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu from Chatrapati Shivaji Station in Mumbai. However, even before the country’s first high-speed

Twenty-five Indian doctors and their families stuck in China due to non payment of fee to Chinese travel agency

BEIJING,May22:  Twenty-five Indian doctors and their families, who were on a trip to China and got stuck at a hotel in Shenzhen over non-payment of dues, moved to Macau today

IndiGo announces its first non-stop flight between Singapore and Bengaluru round trip with effect from June 10 for INR14242

Bangalore, May 20: Continuing to strengthen its network in the Asia-pacific region, private carrier IndiGo, announced its first non-stop flight and 5th overall flight between Singapore and Bengaluru with effect

Woman from Louisiana pulls 27 fingernails from son’s gums in his mouth

Louisiana,May22: Biting nails has been known to be a highly unhygienic habit among children which can also lead to health issues. But the consequences of this habit can range from

911 ,woman finds an Iguana in her toilet in Miami

Miami,May20:  Imagine walking into your bathroom and finding the worst surprise possible waiting for you in there. It was something like that for a Miami woman, who was in for

Hungry Australian pilot lands chopper on the lawn of McDonald’s and gets himself some junk food

Sydney, May15:The phone recorded video which has spread like a wild fire in the jungle, shows a man walking towards a chopper from a Mc Donalds outlet. As being reported

Watch a thousand mousetraps go all at once with the Slow Mo guys

Washington,May12:  If you’ve ever accidentally set a mousetrap on yourself, you know just how the experience is. And those who haven’t, probably know quite well how painful it can be.