Govt withdraws subsidy to Haj Pilgrims

New Delhi, Jan 16: The Centre on Tuesday abolished subsidy given for Haj pilgrims. Announcing the withdrawal of the Haj subsidy, Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said despite the withdrawal, a record number of 1.75 lakh Muslims will undertake

India’s rise in ease of business rankings; Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu praises PM Modi

New Delhi, Jan. 16: Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for India’s rise on the Ease of Business rankings list. “I was astounded to know that Prime Minister Modi has moved India in the scale

Nagpur police reassures; CBI judge Loya died of heart attack

Nagpur (Maharashtra), Jan. 16: On Tuesday the Nagpur police comes out with a statement that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

CJI met the four ‘rebel’ SC judges to resolve issues

New Delhi, Jan 16: In a bid to resolve their differences, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra on Tuesday met

The uproar of ‘whispers’

New Delhi, Jan 16: The Supreme Court has stated that it would hear all the petitions pertaining to the tax

Kozhikode railway station is the ‘cleanest’ in the country; Says survey

New Delhi, Jan 16: Kerala’s Kozhikode railway station has been declared as the “cleanest” railway station in the country by daily railway passengers while the Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi

Follow these top 5 travel trends to give 2018 a boost

New Delhi, Jan 13: Winters have well set in, with breezy air and decreasing temperatures. However, the holiday season is yet to end, with people planning trips to have some

This Japanese island is the most trending travel spot on Earth

New Delhi , Jan 10: The pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches of beautiful Ishigaki, Japan, has earned the ranking of number one in the world. The island has

Rising trend of leisure trips gives boost to travel industry

New Delhi, Jan 4: Bleisure travel has become a commonly used term for travellers that combine a business trip with leisure. With the trend catching up among the corporate world,

Tide Pod challenge: New trend involves people chewing on detergent packets

New Delhi, Jan 15: From time to time the digital space has seen the invasion of viral trends which would be mostly taken on by the teens of the world.

More women are watching porn! Why?

More women are watching online pornography than before and the opportunity has helped them explore their sexuality and connect with others to discuss issues such as new sexual practices and

The cyber world wants to know how a lipstick stain ended up inside a toilet bowl!

Netizens from all over the world are crazy about sharing bizarre news, some remain unnoticed while some turn the internet crazy. This is one such image which made users puzzled

Megan Markle deleted her social media, to contact visit Buckingham’s accounts

UK/ Jan 10: It is official that Megan Markle is royal! Like all elites belonging to the Buckingham palace do not have their own personal social media accounts, Megan deleted