10 Punjabi youths awarded death sentence in UAE

Jalandhar, Dec 7: A trial court in Al Ain in Abu Dhabi has given death sentence to ten youths from Punjab for murdering a Pakistani man. According to a news report, all the men on death row were working as labourers in the UAE.

The death sentence was given on October 26 but was kept secret. The Pakistani was killed in mid-2015 after a scuffle over bootlegging.

Dubai-based hotelier S P Singh Oberoi, who also heads Sarbat Da Bhala Trust, is pursuing the convicts’ case and an appeal has been filed in the high court. Over the years, Oberoi has developed a reputation for securing the release of Indian men from jail by paying ‘blood money’ to the families of victims. He has saved 74 people, including 50 Punjabis, from the gallows or life imprisonment by settling their cases.

“We are trying to contact the family of the man who was killed,” he said. He said if the youths fail to get relief from the courts then paying blood money to the family of the victim is the only remedy.