13 killed in bus crash in Mexico

MexicoCity,Oct3:A public bus tragically crashed and killed thirteen passengers instantly in eastern Mexico on 2nd October, Sunday. The bus was carrying the passengers from the Mexico City to Villahermosa, when the tragic accident claimed the thirteen lives. Only two people managed to make it out of the torched bus alive after it burst into flames.

Right after the bus hit the rear end of a truck near Veracruz, the impact of the collision forced the bus to explode straight away.

Among the survivors, one was a passenger and other was the reserve driver of the bus. Both of them suffered serious injuries and according to the sources, both of the survivors were taken to the nearby hospital.

The excessive heat and fire managed to cause the bus to leave with nothing but charred metal.

The local authorities could not define the cause of the bus crash yet.

According to Angel Martinez, the director of the Mexican Traffic Safety ResearchCenter, on an average 24,000 people get killed every year in Mexico due to almost 4 million traffic accidents, where 30% of those accidents are caused because of speeding and almost 20% are caused due to drunk driving.

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