18 Afghan asylum seekers sent home from Germany

Kabul, Feb 23 (IANS) A group of 18 Afghan nationals whose application for asylum in Germany was rejected and who were deported, arrived in Kabul on Thursday.

“After spending $12,000 on human traffickers and travelling through difficult ways, I reached Germany five years ago and began new life in a peaceful environment. But suddenly police arrested me from my work place in a hotel and sent me back to Afghanistan,” Mohammad Naeem, 25, told Xinhua news agency at the Kabul airport.

“I have no place to live here in Afghanistan and I would go back to Germany, come what may,” said Naeem.

Another deported asylum seeker, Sayed Wafa, 52, also complained that he was deported after 16 years of living in Germany.

More than 250,000 Afghans, have reportedly fled their country with the hope for settling in developed and peaceful countries, mostly in Germany, over the past three years.