18 foot mammoth crocodile, stuck in island looking for food,rescued in Sri Lanka

Colombo,Nov16:Wildlife department officers in Sri Lanka recently rescued a massive crocodile. It is believed that the reptile is the most enormous crocodile the island has ever seen.
The crocodile was trapped in a city water canal while looking for food. He was found in the southern city of Matara and its weight is estimated to be around a tonne and a half. It measures over 18 feet.
The crocodile was found stuck in the canal after the water level went down and the giant animal could not leave on its own because of its huge size.

“The crocodile was too big to move out from the canal” Ravindra Kumar, member of Sri Lankan Wildlife department explains.

“With the help of town neighbours and local police we finally were able to let the crocodile go back to its natural environment without any harm,” Ravindra said.