1993 serial blasts convict Mustafa Dossa passes away in Mumbai JJ Hospital

"He was admitted following chest pain and infection," J J Hospital Dean T.P. Lahane told ANI.

Mumbai, June 28: The Mumbai serial blasts convict Mustafa Dossa had passed away on Wednesday afternoon. He was admitted to the JJ Hospital Mumbai on Tuesday after he complained of chest pain. He had hypertension and diabetes, which worsened his health. Yesterday, the CBI had sought capital punishment for Dossa, arguing that his role in the blasts during 1993 was “more severe” than that of the hang convict Yakub Memon. The CBI said Dossa was one of the “brains” behind the conspiracy and that his degree of responsibility towards the commission of the crime was the highest.

The court, in the second leg of the trial in the impacts case, had on June 16 sentenced five blamed, including Dossa and extradited gangster Abu Salem, under the charges of murder, scheme and areas of now revoked TADA, while the 6th denounced Riyaz Siddiqui was indicted just under TADA Act. Upwards of 257 individuals were slaughtered in the co-ordinated impacts that tore through the city on March 12, 1993. Twenty-four years after numerous impacts tore through Mumbai slaughtering 257 individuals and harming more than 700, an uncommon TADA court sentenced six blamed, including key figures Abu Salem and Mustafa Dossa, while clearing one.

Those discovered blameworthy in what is India’s most exceedingly bad ever dread strike are: Abu Salem who was removed from Portugal in 2005, Mustafa Dossa, who was expelled from the UAE, Mohammed Tahir Merchant nom de plume Tahir Takla, Karimullah Khan, Riyaz Siddiqui and Feroze Abdul Rashid Khan.