2008 Mumbai Attacks : Pak panel to inspect boat used by 26/11 terrorists on Thursday

Islamabad, Oct 01: A judicial commission constituted by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court will travel to the port city of Karachi next week to examine a boat used by 10 LeT terrorists to reach India for carrying out the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The commission will travel to Karachi on October 6 to examine the boat, Al-Fouz, and will also record the testimony of a witness who saw the vessel being seized at the Karachi Shipyard.
According to the Federal Investigation Agency, the attackers used three boats –
including Al Fauz – to reach Mumbai from Karachi.
Al-Fauz is in the custody of Pakistani authorities in Karachi, from where the 10 LeT terrorists armed with AK-47 assault rifles and hand-grenades had left for India on November 23, 2008, to carry out attacks in Mumbai.
En route to their destination, they hijacked another boat, killing four of its crew members. They forced the vessel’s captain to take them close to the Indian shores and killed him when the vessel reached Mumbai’s coast.