24 UP MLAs in GDA defaulter list: Official

Ghaziabad, Nov 4 (IANS) 24 MLAs of Uttar Pradesh assembly have not turned up to respond to the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) reminders about non-payment for plots allotted to them in 2009 under a special scheme.

The GDA officer Gyanendra Verma said the authority allotted 282 plots to UP MLAs in a special draw held in Lucknow in 2009; 258 legislators either made partial payment or full payments but 24 MLAs did not pay even a single instalment.

“The rule says if the allottee defaults the payment scheduled in the allotment letter, the plot is liable to be cancelled. Adopting a lenient view in this case, the authority decided to send reminders,” said Under Secretary Gyanendra Verma.

Verma added that the GDA warned about cancellation of plot allotment if the payment is not made within a stipulated time. But the legislators did not pay any heed to the reminders during these seven years of allotment.

“Now the GDA is seeking guidance from Lucknow,” he said.