32 Indian UN peacekeepers injured in explosion in Congo

Congo, Nov 08: An explosion killed a child and injured 32 Indian peacekeepers in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo city of Goma on Tuesday morning, the U.N. mission in Congo said.

The blast hit the peacekeepers while they were out running in the western Goma neighbourhood of Keyshero and the cause was not immediately clear, the mission added.

More Details awaited.
The Indian peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo is now into its 17th year. While we await more information, here’s a report from the Hindu to put things in perspective.
India, a prime contributor to UN peacekeeping operations, has suffered the highest number of casualties among participating countries, accounting for 157 of 3,263 lives lost, as on August 31, 2014.
The death toll has, however, to be seen in the context of India’s significant contribution to UN peacekeeping efforts, which adds up to 1,80,000 troops from the time it began taking part in the operations in 1950, the largest number from any country.
Nigeria comes next, having suffered 142 casualties. UN statistics reveal that the 3,000 odd casualties are largely due to accidents, illness and what it calls ‘malicious acts’, which broadly covers death in different kinds of conflict situations ranging from war to civil unrest.