5 from Kannur killed in IS war after fleeing to Syria with families: Police release photographs

5 from Kannur killed in IS war after fleeing to Syria with families: Police release photographs

Kannur/ Kerala, October 28: Five persons hailing from Kannur met their destiny by joining the Islamic State. On Friday, police released the photographs of all those Kannur guys killed in Syria.

The killings were earlier reported by their kith and kin through communication platform like Telegram. However the police has confirmed their death.

The victims are:

  1. T.V. Shameer, native of Pazhanchira near Pappinissery
  2. Salman,  Shameer’s son
  3. A.V. Shahnad from Chalad
  4. Muhammed  Shajil from Mundery, Chakkarakkallu
  5. Rihsal from Valapattanam

The case is investigated by DySP PP Sadanandan. He said that the police had been trying to confirm the deaths when the photographs got released earlier. “We have no other evidence like the body or foolproof visuals of the body,” said Sadanandan, “but the deaths have been confirmed by verifying multiple sources.”

Shameer along with his wife Fousiya, children Najiya, Safvan and Salman had set off to Syria in December 2015.

Shahnad had joined the IS camp during his job in Bahrain.

Shajil along with his wife Shahnas, children Abdulla Vahid and Mishva had gone to Syria in October 2016. Shahnas had informed the relatives about her husband’s death in IS war. She had also asked the relatives to pay homage for him and also perform other religious ceremonies.

Rishal along with his wife Huda set foot in Syria in 2014. Later, relatives heard from the couple that they had been trapped in IS camp and were unable to escape. Police had confirmed the death of three other persons from Kozhikode and Malappuram who had joined Rishal to Syria.

Police had earlier booked three other persons who were deported by Turkey after they were arrested from Syria border for trying to enter the IS controlled zones. Two others were also booked for being the in-charge with a recruiting drive.

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