5 IS-linked suspects arrested in Morocco

Rabat, Nov 4 (IANS) Morocco busted an Islamic State (IS)-linked cell composed of five people on Friday in the city of Tetouan, the Interior ministry said in a statement.

A preliminary investigation confirmed that the members of this terror cell planned to join IS camps on the Syrian-Iraqi territory or its branch in Libya, said the ministry in a statement.

“The investigation also revealed the full support of members of this cell for the destruction agenda of IS and their willingness to carry out major terrorist operations in Morocco, after leading monitoring and tracking operations of sensitive targets in Tetouan,” Xinhua news agency cited the statement.

The same source said that the individuals were conducting paramilitary training in nearby forests in order to increase their fighting ability, adding that the suspects will be brought to justice after the completion of the investigation, conducted under the competent public prosecutor’s office.

Morocco is facing a growing threat from terrorist groups. Authorities said over 160 terrorist cells have been busted since 2002, including over 40 in the past three years with ties to extremists groups in both Iraq and Syria.