5 MPhils, 253 postgraduates compete with Class V dropouts for porters’ posts

Pune, June 21: This August, Class V dropouts will take a written exam along with MPhil degree holders, postgraduates and graduates in basic maths, language and aptitude to prove their competency for five porters’ (hamals’) jobs.

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) will conduct a state-level written exam for over 2,500 people who have applied for the grade D post. “It is not possible to conduct interviews for all the applicants. Hence, we decided on an examination. The selection will be based on merit,” MPSC secretary Rajendra Mangrulkar told TOI on Monday.

The minimum educational qualification prescribed for the post is Class IV pass, but there are five candidates with MPhils, 253 postgraduates and 984 graduates among the applicants. Only 177 have had an education less than SSC.

Counsellor Vivek Velankar said the numbers speak volumes about unemployment in the state. “Why would a degree holder want to become a porter? Unemployment probably makes them think something is better than nothing.”

MPSC had advertised for these posts in December 2015. The age limit for the posts is 18-33 years. In the written test, candidates will be examined for their linguistic ability and basic maths skills.