7.4 million speed pills, 20 kg ice seized in Thailand

Bangkok, Feb 18 (IANS) Thai police have seized 7.4 million speed pills and 20 kg of crystalline methamphetamine (ice) in Lambang province in the last two days.

Police on Friday night found 3.4 million speed pills and 20 kg ice in a pickup truck which sped past a local checkpoint, prompting police to chase it and shoot its tyres.

One of the three men in the truck was arrested while the other two fled into a forest on foot, Xinhua news agency reported.

A senior police official said the drugs were the province’s largest haul in 20 years.

An investigation found that these drugs had been smuggled from Chiang Rai province and were destined to capital Bangkok.

Police on Saturday found another four million speed pills about three km away from the first spot.

These drugs, in more than 20 fertilizer sacks, were left along the road when police found them.

Officials believed the drugs seized on Saturday were of the same lot as those seized on Friday and the suspects might have dumped them before fleeing.