71 year old Indian American doctor from Bihar gets ready to fight mayor elections in Michigan, US

Michigan,Oct26:The 71-year-old Indian-American doctor Syed Taj is the brother of Indian politician Syed Shahabuddin from the town of Ranchi. Syed Taj is attempting to run for the post of mayor in Michigan, US.

He has even formed a coalition with varied ethnic and religious groups to assist democrats take control of a Republican township in the suburb of city. He is attempting to become the first Indian-American mayor from the community in the US state of Michigan.

He is running for the post of Canton Supervisor, similar to the position of a mayor. However four years ago, he unsuccessfully ran for the US House of Representative and now says that it’s time for diverse cultures and democrats to take control of its future.

“We are running on the platform of diversity, transparency and accountability,” Syed Taj said during one of his campaigns in the town which has a population of about 1,00,000 including more than 7,000 Indian-Americans living there.

“If immigrants stick together, we can make the difference,” he said, which apparently comes as a challenge for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his anti- immigrant views.

“Donald Trump wants to make America great again which means make America white again. This is no longer possible. The US is a country of immigrants. And he should realise that,” he said.

Syed belongs to an established Muslim family and was born in Gaya, Bihar. He completed his schooling from Bihar itself and for further studies, he went to Ranchi’s St Xavier.

He got his medical degree from Patna Medical college in 1968.

After spending a few years in the UK, 14 years later in 1982, he and his better-half moved to Michigan in the US.