77th birth anniversary of R.D.Burman:Google doodle

New Delhi, June 27 : Google dedicated today’s doodle to the legendary music composer Rahul Dev Burman, to mark his 77th birth anniversary.

Born on June 27, 1939 in Kolkata, RD Burman, nicknamed Pancham Da, was a revolutionary composer who changed the aura of Bollywood music with his musical uniqueness.

Today’s doodle, visible in India and Sri Lanka, carries a colorful portrait of Pancham Da, along with music notes and scenes from some of his famous Bollywood songs in the background.

The legendary music composer, who started making music at the age of nine, composed for more than 330 movies, which still works as an influence for today’s music composers.

The only son to composer Sachin Dev Burman, he brought influences from all over the world, from disco, to funk, to cabaret to his music.