90 IS terrorists killed by US MOAB air strike in Afghanistan

90 IS terrorists killed by US MOAB air strike in Afghanistan

Kabul,April15:According to Afghan officials, US MOAB air strike has killed 36 Islamic State terrorists. AFP said that Afghan officials confirmed the death toll.

In a significant development, the United States of America (USA) dropped the GBU-43, otherwise known as ‘mother of all bombs’ on an IS target at Afpak border, Afghanistan on Thursday.

The bomb, GBU-43, was dropped at 7 PM local time in Afghanistan and is the biggest non-nuclear bomb which explodes in mid air to cause maximum damage on a very large area.

According to US Officials, target was an IS cave and tunnel complex in the district of the Nangarhar Province.

The MOAB, the biggest non-nuclear bomb was dropped on IS caves and tunnels in the Nangahar province on Thursday. The initial assessment suggested that the death toll in the IS camp was at 36. However on Saturday the death toll was put at 90 and is likely to rise.

The US had targeted this area as it got intelligence about the Islamic State setting up a major module. The IS had targeted Afghanistan to extend its reach in the sub-continent. Several persons from India too had joined the outfit. In fact 21 from Kerala who went missing last year had been tracked to the module in Nangarhar.