A man enters ladies compartment: Teenage girl jumps off train apprehensive of molestation as he came near her

A man enters ladies compartment: Teenage girl jumps off train apprehensive of molestation as he came near her. Representational picture

Mumbai/ Maharashtra, October 23: A schoolgirl, fearing that she would be molested, jumped off a running local between CSMT and Masjid stations. She took the extreme step when a man entered the ladies compartment.

Though the 13-year-old Payal Kamble got serious injuries to the leg and head, she is alive. The man is on the run and remains unidentified. GRP at CSMT has registered a case of molestation under the IPC. Provisions of the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act is also applied.

Payal is a class VIII student of Dadar’s King George School. She resides at government quarters near GPO. Ganesh Kamble, her father, works at JJ Hospital.

She boarded a train from CST at 9.29 am to head to Currey Road for tuition. Payal said that as she was running late for her classes, took the middle second-class ladies compartment. She was the only traveller in that compartment where a man entered all of a sudden and the train started to move. Payal got scared and pulled the alarm chain, but the train did not stop. “The man told me to stay quiet, this scared me further as I hadn’t spoken a word with him,” said Payal, “I continued to pull the alarm chain when the man repeated his warning and came close to me.”

Frightened Payal rushed to the door of the compartment. The train was moving slowly, she saw a few gangmen on the tracks. Hoping that they would help her, Payal jumped off. The gangmen saw a girl falling from the train and rushed to help her. They lifted her and brought her to the nearest location, platform No. 8, CSMT.

“My mother was called up and I was taken to St George’s Hospital,” said Payal adding, “till then, I had not summoned the courage to look at my leg, which was bleeding heavily.” A number of tests and CT-scans at the hospital have declared her out of danger.

Her father was out of town to attend a funeral when the incident occurred. He said that he would put in all efforts possible to trace the culprit. Ganesh said that Payal usually doesn’t have tuition on Sundays, but had an extra class this time. He said that he used to go with her to CSMT and would leave only when her train starts. When her classes are over, Payal’s brother accompanies her to Currey Road station. He will wait till the train leaves the platform. The family takes utmost care to not leave their child alone for long periods.

Payal has got her leg swathed in bandages and her head covered in stitches. Payal’s grandmother, Jaywanti Kamble said, “Train accidents can be worse; I’m glad Payal is out of danger.”

Payal has given a description of the accused. GRP officials have procured CCTV footage of CSMT and Masjid. Those visuals are shown to Payal so that she could identify the man who entered the compartment. An official said, “it’s possible that he intended to rob her cellphone or jewellery.” Officials have recorded Payal’s statement.