A wedlock that was against astrology: TN Seshan alone after Jaya’s death

A wedlock that was against astrology: TN Seshan alone after Jaya’s death. Photo: Twitter.

New Delhi, April 5: The man, who in the 90s brought a drastic change in how elections are held in India, is alone now. On March 31, former chief election commissioner of India, TN Seshan, lost his companion for 60 years.

Two years back, Jayalakshmi, wife of Seshan, had said, “He always stood for truth and was prepared to sacrifice his job and even wife for truth.”

A very few people know the fact that Seshan had married Jayalakshmi against the wishes of his parents and destiny as defined in the horoscope. Seshan’s father had written ‘unsuitable’ in Malayalam on Jayalakshmi’s horoscope and sent it to him. His father had found through the horoscope that the alliance would not produce children. Though the marriage did not materialise at that time, two years later the horoscope of Jayalakshmi reached Seshan’s house again, after which Seshan said he would go and meet the girl.

Seshan, 26 years old then, along with his father, elder brother, sister-in-law and elder sister met Jayalakshmi at Bengaluru on December 30, 1958. The meeting lasted just for 10 minutes. On the same day, Seshan took the call that he would marry Jayalakshmi. Seshan and Jayalakshmi entered into wedlock on February 9, 1958.

“When we see beautiful kids, we feel that they belong to us. This was what God decided,” Seshan had said.

Jayalakshmi loved music and badminton and she used to play the game regularly with Seshan. Their houses in Madurai and Bengaluru had badminton courts. Jayalakshmi also conducted ‘Narayaneeyam’ classes regularly at her house since 1988.

Seshan, a 1955 batch IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre, was the 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India (1990-96). He served as the 18th Cabinet Secretary in 1989. He also was awarded the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for his distinguished Government Service in 1996.