A Whole city in Kerala is getting prepped to celebrate ‘Happiness Day’!

Photo : Prince PM

Kozhikode, also known as ‘city of spices’, have never fell short of spreading love and embracing all. From their amazing cuisines to ever helpful ‘Kozhikodans’, it should come as no surprise that this city is all in for celebrating the international happiness day on 20th March. United Nations declared the day for happiness in order to remind people across the world the importance of being happy. In 2015 the UN launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals that seek to end poverty, reduce inequality, and protect our planet – three key aspects that lead to well-being and happiness.

A young photographer, Prince PM had taken the initiative to celebrate this particular day back in 2015 as ”Be Positive- Positivity is the key to happiness” and this year too he is enthusiastically preparing for the happiness day celebration under the tag ‘Spread Happiness’ in association with Relax events and public relations. A grand event in relation to this day is being organised at the famous ‘Kozhikode beach’ and all the professional and amateur photographers are called upon to take part in a photo contest ( A Be Positive entertainment initiative) which should feature photos from the event hosted.

This young group of individuals is setting an example for the world at a time when distress makes into headlines by beckoning everyone to realise the need for working towards achieving happiness, big or small.