Aadhaar card compulsory for buying liquor at Hyderabad pubs

 Aadhaar card compulsory for buying liquor at Hyderabad pubs

New Delhi, September 21: Prohibition and excise department of Telangana had now made a mandatory pub-goers to show Aadhaar for entry.  Next time when u visit a pub near Hyderabad,be prepared to show your Aadhaar card.

According to reports stated that the department has asked all pubs owners across the city to ensure that their clients carry Aadhaar cards to prove their age. and also below 21 years of age will not be allowed to enter a pub.

Meanwhile This move has been initiated following an investigation to the murder of a 17-years old girl

The cops found that the minor along with “other minors were served alcohol at a city-based hotel”, the report said.

Additionally, the government has also instructed pub and bar managers to maintain a separate register with details of their clients.