Aadhaar may be invalidated? Supreme Court verdict on privacy, major set back to BJP led Central Government

New Delhi, August 24: The Supreme Court verdict that Right to Privacy is a fundamental right has turned a major blow to the BJP government’s move to make Aadhaar mandatory.

The historical verdict has been pronounced today by the Supreme Court on the petitions filed, claiming that right privacy is part of the citizen’s right to life. The petitions had questioned the constitutional validity of Aadhaar.

With this verdict, the Supreme Court is been recognising and accepting the claims of the plaintiff that making Aadhaar mandatory would infiltrate into the citizen’s privacy.

Legal experts opine that the government orders making Aadhaar mandatory for government services will be invalidated by this verdict.

The famous advocate Prashant Bhushan has observed that this decision is a major setback to the Central Government and the government would become unable to demand aadhaar for sanctioning government services.

Aadhaar, which was intended to give identification number incorporated in Bio-metric information for all Indian citizens has later made compulsory for availing various services. Later on, the issue has been put up in the Supreme Court when the serious concerns were raised over the safety of the information collected for Aadhaar.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court came up with Aadhaar as a plan to provide an identification number for all Indian citizens with a biometric information that was later compulsory for each service and raised serious concerns about the security of Aadhaar.

There have been numerous reports on Aadhaar information leakage. It has been alleged that a private bank has collected the Aadhaar details of customers and has used it many times and for unknown reasons. The UIDAI authority has filed a complaint against this.

In the Supreme Court concerns were also raised that a government that does not consider the privacy of citizens would misuse the Aadhaar information.