Aam Aadmi Party deletes it’s donors’ list from website

New Delhi, Oct 14: The Aam Aadmi Party has deleted the list of donors from its official website fearing opponents and dissidents will misuse and threaten the donors ahead of the Punjab Assembly polls.

AAP’s rebel MLAs have issued statements alleging that AAP ministers on foreign jaunts collected huge funds from taxi drivers and small-time traders in Canada, USA and in London. Sikh taxi drivers in New York and other parts of USA are believed to have made donations to AAP to the the tune of around US$3 crore. The rebel MLAs have raised questions about this fund-raising spree.

The Union government has intelligence inputs that AAP is getting huge funds from a few banned outfits in Canada but they are sending funds through donations. Such details are likely to be put in public domain during the Punjab assembly polls.