Abs are my favourite thing to work out: Kendall Jenner

Los Angeles, Feb 25 (IANS) Model Kendall Jenner’s “favourite” body part to work out is her stomach, and she loves the feeling after her trainer has “killed” her abs which leaves her in pain.

Speaking on her website kendallj.com about her preferred exercises, Kendall said: “My abs are my favourite thing to work out. I love it when my trainer, Gunnar Peterson, kills my abs.”

Kendall enjoys feeling sore from the strenuous regime because she believes it proves she has completed the sets correctly, even if she is in pain to laugh the next day, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She said: “The next day, it hurts to even laugh. That’s how I know I’m doing the exercises right!”

However, Kendall feels guilty when she is having a day off and is lounging in front of the television instead of working up a sweat.

“Sometimes when I’m watching TV, I think to myself, ‘I should be doing crunches and sit-ups right now.’ Then I get off the couch and do it,” she said.