Abstract artist Gopi Gajwani exhibits works after a decade

New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) Famous abstract artist Gopi Gajwani is back with a solo exhibition after more than a decade. Metaphysical art from the veteran painter is on display here till February 20.

Dealing with emotion and moments of fleeting tenderness, the show is titled “A symphony of abstracts” and is on at the Triveni Kala Sangam’s Shridharani Gallery.

Gajwani’s abstractionism is almost instantly identifiable as squares and rectangular grids form a dominant part of his paintings. These are usually divided or united by lines that reach a junction to form a holding pattern.

There is a glimpse of affection in the works that peek into the world of love as well as the abyss of despair across which hope emerges like a beacon. They are replete with sentiment — sans any tinge of melodrama.

All through his career, Gajwani never had to consciously veer away from figures and the identifiable. He never had to work towards it and was rather drawn naturally to the impressionistic and non-representational form of art.

He could never paint figures, Gajwani said on several occasions. “It was as if something within me refused to let me go in that direction,” he said.

Gajwani has determinedly brought texture in his works. It’s almost a tactile quality that the audience is pressed to touch.

“By the end of 2006, I sat down one day in my studio and looked back and walked through the jungle of my abstract forms, I realized that I need to slow down and search for something that would give utmost pleasure and solace to self and the future path that I chose to walk would be longer and not easy,” he said.

In his works, there is celebration of the bold colours that appear from a dark background. They are like a rip-off from the rainbow hues.

The colours appear winking and blinking, directing the audience to their collection of memories.

The veteran abstractionist is very candid about his future work.

“I can only promise to paint at the present moment and hope to continue and dream all night with beautiful colours and forms till I wake up to start next new work,” he said.