Accomplishments only motivate me to do better: DJ Sartek

New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) DJ Sartek has multiple releases on international music labels, including Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, and has now come out with new track “Jump right after you?” (JRAY). He doesn’t take success for granted and says “every stepping stone paves the way to a bigger one”.

Delhi-based Sarthak Sardana aka Sartek came out with his new single on Friday. He is also working on new music with a Dutch DJ.

“It feels sensational! Accomplishments only motivate me to do better and better. It’s like a reward for all my efforts. Every stepping stone paves the way to a bigger one, and that is what I drives me forward,” Sartek told IANS.

Sartek says 2017 started with quite a bang.

“I signed my first track on a major label — Sony Music Worldwide’s sub label Discowax. I am also working on a track with a legendary Dutch DJ which I am really excited about. Apart from that, I am doing a special panel at ADE Mumbai to help upcoming producers from across the country… On the tour front, February is already jam-packed with gigs. 2017 is looking great already,” he said.

Talking about JRAY, Sartek said: “When Ale Q and myself heard the vocals, we both got really pumped. The voice is mesmerising and the lyrics moved me emotionally. Ale Q is from Guatemala, we connected randomly on Twitter and had great conversations. We appreciated each other’s music styles and decided we had to work together.

“Once we heard the vocals, I sat down and came up with a melody which was further built upon by him. We had long Skype sessions before we finalised on the hook of the track and the recording was fun and purely digital.”

Sartek is also excited about his touring schedule for the year as he said “I am touring every major city in the country. I am really kicked about that.”