Account holders thrash bank employee for note shortage in Allahabad

'Single cash payments over Rs 2 lakh need to be reported', clarifies Central Board of Direct Taxes.

Lucknow,Dec20:With the queues in front of banks and ATMs showing no signs of shortening and desperate people looking for cash running out of patience as the note ban affects their lifestyle, some elements have resorted to violence against bank employees. With digital payments still a big problem in rural areas and tier II and tier III cities, the cash shortage has meant that people at the bottom rung of the economy are having to tighten their belts and forgo a lot of necessities. They live on a day to day basis on funds that they get daily, and therefore making ends meet has become tough.

However, violence is something that is not to be condoned and yet that is what some of them resorted to and surprisingly it happened in a big enough town – Allahabad, which by no account can be referred to as a small town. The inexcusable attack happened against a hapless bank employee who was mercilessly thrashed by the gathered people.

They were seen raining blows on the hapless bank staff member, he was dragged around, his shirt was torn and he was beaten to the ground where the public began to kick him indiscriminately. All the people around were either participating in the beating or they were just watching.

The bystanders refused to help and even the bank employees inside the building refused to come out to the aid of their colleague. The entire gruesome scene was captured by someone carrying a camera phone and the violence being perpetrated was unbearable to watch.

With the government still not being able to come to terms with the problems it unleashed with its demonetisation drive, the lines at banks are unlikely to get shorter. Also, with the Cantre changing rules almost every day about depositing old notes, the confusion among people has increased and along with that their anger at not being able to get access to their own money.