Actor Charlie Sheen wished to sleep with Shane Warne’s ex Liz Hurley

London, June 21: Charlie Sheen put spin king Shane Warne in a spot after the Hollywood star revealed his liking for Liz Hurley while her former fiancé, the legendary Australian leg-spinner was in the audience.

Charlie was asked about his love life as part of the one-off talk at London’s Theatre Royal when he revealed his crush on Hurley, according to a report on yesterday.

When asked which famous woman he wished to have slept with, Charlie replied: “Liz Hurley”.

However, Charlie was left red-faced when the host revealed that the Bedazzled actress’ ex-partner Warne, was sitting in the audience.

The revelation left Charlie a bit embarrassed. “It’s now got very awkward,” he said. Worse still, Charlie also met Warne as the flamboyant cricketing star shared his pictures with the Hollywood actor on social media yesterday.

Warne was engaged to Hurley for three years before the couple called time on their relationship in 2013.