Actor Dileep’s first wife emerges: Investigation team identifies attempt to overthrow molestation case

Kochi/Kerala, August 4: Once popular Malayalam actor Dileep who was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a young actress in Kochi. It has been reported that a secret move is being made by certain persons in the police force itself, to save the accused Dileep from the actress molestation case. The investigative team has reportedly handed over a report regarding this, to the senior officials, which says that some of the members of the police force are taking steps to overthrow the case.

According to certain reliable sources, there are attempts to tarnish the image of the investigating officer and thereby make situation favourable to Dileep. The prosecution said that the allegations that, the visuals of the assault on the actress by Pulsar Suni alias Sunil Kumar and his allies are shown to medical students, the news that the police were investigating Dileep’s first marriage, are aimed at overturning the investigation.

The Special Investigating Team is examining the phone recordings and other evidence to identify the officers behind this move. Ultimately, the media reports on Dileep’s marriage before he married his ex-wife Manju-Warrier, is aimed only at overturning the current effective investigation.

Investigative officials think that Pulsar Suni used the word ‘madam’, to divert attention from Dileep so as to save him. Reportedly, the police itself is trying to overthrow the investigation, which led to the arrest of Dileep, by spreading false information.