Actors’ fees very small part of ‘Baahubali’ budget, say producer

Chennai, Jan 9 (IANS) Remuneration of actors was a very small component of mega budget “Baahubali” franchise, Shobu Yarlagadda, the film’s co-producer, said on Monday.

Speaking at the first edition of India Today Conclave South here, he said only a tiny fraction of the film’s budget was allocated for the remuneration of actors.

“Most of the film’s budget was spent on the making. I’m happy that way the money didn’t go waste. The remuneration of actors constitutes only a small component of the total budget,” Shobu said, adding that the two parts in the franchise were made under a budget of Rs 450 crore.

He said a lot of people in the industry thought he was stupid to invest so much money into a film.

“There were times I asked myself if I was doing the right thing. We didn’t know the kind of returns the film will fetch until release. Industry folks thought I was a fool to spend so much on a project,” he said.

The second instalment in the “Baahubali” franchise is due for release on April 28.