Actress Dia Mirza joins hands as Save the Children ,NGO ambassador

New Delhi, Dec 10: Former Miss Asia Pacific and actor Dia Mirza has joined hands with ‘Save the Children’ as an Artist Ambassador to promote social causes like nature conservation and children’s welfare.

Dia, ‘Lage Rahe Munnabhai’ and ‘Parineeta’-fame actor, uses her multi-faceted personality to help raise awareness about malnutrition, quality education, gender equality and child trafficking.
“I firmly believe that every person is born to make a difference.
And I am thrilled to associate myself with Save the Children – an NGO for children; that is truly creating a big change in the areas of education, health, protection and humanitarian needs.
My aim is to draw more attention to the organisation’s work so that greater support from government, corporate entities and individuals can be mobilised to benefit the most marginalised children.
” NGO CEO Thomas Chandy said: ‘Despite ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 24 years ago, 1.
2 million children are still struggling to survive till their fifth birthday, 84 million have never been to school and 7.
8 million are still engaged in child labour.
‘ Dia’s association with the NGO will go a long way in amplifying the voices of the most poor and excluded children.
This is the moment for children to voice their call to action,’ he said.
The actor strongly believes that every child has innate rights which need to be protected in all situations.
“We must listen to children and let them be our guide to a more sustainable future in which inequalities are reduced, extreme poverty is eliminated and addressing climate change through disaster risk reduction.
‘Every child has the right to survive and thrive, right to play, right to quality education and right to live free of any violence.
Children are the change makers for the future, adequate healthcare, nutrition and quality education are the solution to ending the vicious cycle of generational poverty,’ Dia added.