Actress Parvathy gives befitting reply to director Jude Anthany 

Parvathy launches heavy criticism on Jude Anthany 

Kochi, Dec 19:  Malayalam actress Parvathy paid back in the same coin to director Jude Anthany, who in his Facebook post, made fun of Parvathy without taking her name. The director took to Facebook with an insensitive post to make fun of the actress after she criticised film actor Mammootty.

But Paravathy through a picture of embroidery that depicts a woman’s hand with pointed finger that had abbreviation of a cuss word beneath it, gave it back to the director. She too did not name the Jude Anthany.

Parvaty replied with an embroidered picture with the tone of the word OMKV. Parvathy also marked a hashtag for her picture quote “To all the circus muthalimaar!!!#feminichispeaking”

According to reports in an open forum at the International Film Festival of Kerala, Actress Parvathy  criticised a Mammootty movie named “Kasaba”stating that – ” There is a movie that I have unfortunately watched.  I was definitely disappointed to watch an actor par excellence deliver certain dialogues that were not only derogatory but most saddening to a women in the scene”

After this conversation, actress Parvathy had to face a stream of abuses.

Most of the abuse and trolls came from Mammootty fan club.

Considering this issue, Director Jude Anthany has slammed actress Parvathy through a Facebook post.

“A monkey managed to get into the circus and obeyed whatever the master said. It ran, it jumped, did as it was told to do. Finally, the monkey became famous and suddenly, starts speaking against circus and all the masters. Laments that the masters exploited it. This monkey could have very well abandoned the circus and gone back to the jungle. But then, who will know the monkey then?” Jude wrote.

However many of the followers and some of his friends have slammed m slammed the director for his insensitive post and accused him of trying to garner publicity.