Actress Shweta Tripathi goes for roles which don’t demand objectification of women

Actress Shweta Tripathi goes for roles which don't demand objectification of women

Mumbai, Jan 12:Shweta Tripathi might not be the most known face in Bollywood, but there is no denying that her acting chops can give decade-old veterans a run for their money. If you have seen Masaan, or even the trailer of her upcoming film Haraamkhor, you know what we mean.

But what has completely taken us by surprise is her honesty about the roles she’s being offered in the industry. In a recent interview to PTI, the 30-year-old actress said she wants to stay away from “mindless” cinema where she is reduced to being looked upon as an object.

“I don’t watch the kind of cinema where people say leave your brain at home and watch. What is even that? I would never want to be treated as a prop, to be looked on as an object just because of my gender. That I am very sure about,” Shweta said.

“If I am doing something which is making a difference in the story then I’ll do it. But not because I am wearing certain clothes and doing nothing,” she added.

Bollywood has over time become the epitome of sexism and regressive mindset. In the world of showbiz that sells actresses in bikinis and lives off by making them appear as sex objects, Shweta comes off as someone who knows what’s right and what’s not.

Sure, we have actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra who have called out to the blatant sexism in the industry, but we are yet to see films where a woman isn’t treated as a mere object.

It seems as if films need item songs to sell, even when such songs are completely unnecessary in the plot. Be it in TV ads, movies, or even serials–women always end up being treated like a prop.

What we need right now is for more actors and actresses to come forward and call out the sexism in cinema, and for directors to understand the need to treat women with respect.

So here’s hoping Shweta won’t be the only actress of our times to be honest about what exactly they want the film industry to be.