Why Adnan Sami is now Pakistan’s Enemy No 1 ?

New Delhi, Oct 04: Former Pakistani singer Adnan Sami has earned himself  the status of Pakistan’s Enemy No.1.

The veteran singer-composer, who is is now an Indian citizen had expressed his grief after the Uri attack that killed 19 Indian army soldiers.

After Indian Army carried out surgical strikes and smashed 8 terrorist camps in PoK, Sami tweeted his congratulations to the soldiers and hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for retaliating against terrorism. “Pakistan should thank India for killing the terrorists” in the ‘surgical strike’, he had tweeted.

Expectedly, Sami has received a lot of backlash from Pakistani citizens who went on to label him as “traitor”.

At the India Today Safaigiri Awards the singer drew parallels between garbage and terrorism to explain his point. He said, “If I see garbage flowing from my neighbour’s house and entering my house, I will complain against it to my neighbour. However, if the neighbour fails to do that, I will enter his house and clean the garbage myself, because you couldn’t clean the garbage, I had to enter your house and clean it.”

He further added, “For years, Pakistan has been saying that they too are victims of terrorism. Here, when your neighbour is helping you out, you dont want to even acknowledge it.

Urging Pakistan to join hands with India, he said, “Eliminate it (terrorism). If you won’t do it alone, let us do it together so that we and our children can live in this world in peace. That is it. There is nothing more to it. It is as simple as that. Why are you taking this personally? You yourself know there are suicide bombers who blast themselves in mosques, so if someone is helping you eliminate it, you should be thankful.”

Sami’s tweets earlier had hurt the sentiments of Pakistanis, the singer explained that they were not targeted towards Pakistan. I never said a word against Pakistan.”