Adulterated soft drinks rampant in Vizag


Vizag, April20:Now soft drinks also joined the list of adulterated food products. The fake soft drinks business is rampant in Visakhapatnam in the summer season.

People drink soft drinks or fruit juices during hot summer to quench their thirst. Taking this demand as advantage, several unscrupulous people are making adulterated soft drinks and generating revenue.

Lack of supervision of the officials concerned added strength to their illegal business.

There are hundreds of spurious soft drinks companies in Vizag. They prepare cool drinks with chemicals, chakarine powder and impure water and sell them for a lesser price than the original drinks.

Consumers also preferring these fake soft drinks which come in attractive packages and a cheaper price like Rs 5 to Rs 6 and also a good taste since manufacturers are mixing sour salt and chakarine powder for taste.

But these fake soft drinks will temporarily quench the people’s thirst but its effect on health will be more due to polluted water and chemicals used in its making.

Doctors warned the public, especially children not to drink these spurious soft drinks.