Afghan senators call to dissolve High Peace Council

Kabul, Jan 16 (IANS) Afghan senators asked President Ashraf Ghani to dissolve the High Peace Council (HPC) following the insensitive remarks uttered by former advisor Abdul Hakim Mujahid.

The move comes after Mujahid said last week that the Taliban were angels of peace and the group is a sacred group, Tolo News reported.

Mujahid was fired from his position as HPC advisor on Sunday.

The senators on Sunday argued that the HPC has failed to make any major breakthrough in the peace process and has instead been a financial burden on the country. They also implied that irresponsible HPC members should be prosecuted.

“We call on the supreme commander of the armed forces to dissolve the High Peace Council and instead use the money on the security forces,” said senator Rana Tarin.

“Today there are concerns in everyone’s minds, including shopkeepers, the poor and laborers, about the situation in the country and they want to see what government will do to mitigate the scale of the problems,” said Tarin.

In Sunday’s session, the upper house of Parliament or the Meshrano Jirga also discussed the overall security situation in the country and the recent spate of violence — including the Taliban attacks in Helmand and Kabul and the bombing at the Kandahar guesthouse, Tolo News reported.

More than 50 people were killed when two Taliban suicide bombers targeted a convoy of Afghan Parliament workers on January 10. Over 150 others were injured.

Mujahid slammed the move by defending the Taliban.

“Taliban is a sacred group who have fought against Russia and defeated them, then put an end to civil war and brought security to the country,” Mujahid said.

Mujahid’s comments were widely criticised by Afghans.