After ban, Delhi Metro to suspend construction activities

New Delhi, Nov 7 (IANS) Delhi Metro on Monday announced it was halting its construction activities, following the advisory issued by the state government to help reduce the smog which continues to envelop the city.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) decided to suspend all its excavation, backfilling work and also any activity that causes dust in the atmosphere for next five days.

It will sprinkle water at all sites to keep the dust on the ground, said a statement issued by DMRC.

“Water is sprinkled regularly to avoid soil erosion and dust pollution. Grass paving and tree plantation are also quick and effective means of dust control as grass covers and protects exposed loose soil when winds kick up as the soil stays put,” the statement said.

“The muck or soil generated from excavation is disposed off at designated areas using dumpers with tarpaulin cover on top. Wheels of trucks exiting construction sites are thoroughly washed before they enter public roads,” it added.

These steps, apart from the government advisory, were taken in accordance with DMRC’s Environmental Policy, which also includes segregation of waste before disposal and recycle of such waste, the transport body said.

The air pollution level has seen a high increase in Delhi and nearby states since the end of October, owing to burning of crop stubble and some due to firecrackers during Diwali days. The environmentalists have attributed the situation to very calm to negligible wind, resulting in failure of dispersion of smoke.

Delhi government in its turn ordered to shut down all schools for three days and banned all construction activities in the capital starting from Monday.