After calling Mayawati to a ‘prostitute’, Dayashankar Singh comes again with  comparing her to a ‘dog’

Agra, Sep 03: Dayashankar Singh, who was expelled from the BJP after he stirred a huge controversy by likening BSP supremo Mayawati to a ‘prostitute’, has allegedly insulted her yet again, this time, by comparing her to a ‘dog’.

According to a report, the former Uttar Pradesh BJP vice-president accused Mayawati of ‘running her after money’ and compared her to a dog.

“She is a greedy woman and is like a dog that chases speeding motorcycle in lanes, but steps back when the vehicle stops,” he was quoted saying in the report.

He levelled allegation of corruption against Mayawati and claimed that her family members were making a lot of money by dabbling in ‘dubious’ deals. Singh however, later, denied making any new allegations against the UP leader.

Dayashankar was expelled from the BJP in July after a video clip in which he was seen making derogatory remarks against BSP president went viral on social media. Singh had labelled Mayawati ‘worse than a prostitute’, claiming that she sold poll tickets to the highest bidder.

He was arrested over his remarks after the BSP filed a police complaint against him and was released from Mau jail in August after a local court granted him bail.

The UP Special Task Force with the help of Bihar Police from Buxar had nabbed Dayashankar on July 29 after he was on the run for nine days. Even after his release, he had reiterated that Mayawati ‘sold’ party tickets.