After cancelling Sunny Leone programme, now B’lore ‘moral police’ wants to ban New Year parties

Bengaluru, Dec 29:  Deriving strength from the success of cancelling the programme of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in Bengaluru on the New Year eve, the custodians of morality seems to have now turned their focus on New Year parties.

Faced by constant targeting, the organisers of the Sunny Leone programme had decided to cancel the programme.

Now, the moral police in Karnataka are apparently irked with the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

According to reliable sources, several right-wing groups from the state, that includes Bajrang Dal and the VHP, have approached the City Police commissioner demanding that the hotels should be closed before midnight on the New Year’s eve claiming that such New Year parties would encourage drugs and immoral activities (read sex) among youths.

However, Karnataka  Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy has refused encourage the demands of the groups saying that no one has an authority to make such demands.

“The Bajrang Dal and other people have no authority to say this. Every year they say like this. They have no right,” said Ramalinga Reddy.

The show of Sunny Leone, which was scheduled on December 31 evening, was abandoned due to the threats from Kannada Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene, a right-wing group from the state. Earlier, the protesters from the group not only burnt Sunny Leone’s  posters but also reportedly threatened to commit mass suicide if she was allowed to perform at the event.

On the other side, the Bengaluru City Police denied giving protection to the actress during her visit to the city on the New Year. The reason they said for denying the permission to the actress was they felt law and order may have become an issue for them.

After this decision from the Police, Sunny Leone herself announced her withdrawal from the show saying ‘safety is most important for her’.

“Since the police of Bengaluru have publicly said that they will not be able to ensure mine, and all who attend, safety for my New Years event, my team and I feel, safety of the people should always come first. Therefore, I cannot attend. God bless and I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year,” Leone tweeted.

On last year’s New Year eve, reports of mass molestation in the city’s Mahatma Gandhi Road area had caused a massive public outrage and now the police authorities are taking extra vigil to avoid any untoward incidents. .

The Bengaluru City Police have decided to deploy over 15,000 personnel in different parts of the city to avoid any untoward incident from taking place.