After several blood transfusions, 6-year-old tested positive for HIV+

After several blood transfusions, 6-year-old tested positive for HIV+

Dehradun/Uttarakhand, Jan 13: A six-year-old boy who suffered from thalassemia, unfortunately for the family, took several blood transfusions from two government hospitals in Haryana which turned fatal for the boy who was earlier this month tested positive for the HIV

Civil Hospital, Roorkee where he is undergoing treatment for his blood disorder since August 2017 diagnosed his infection. As both parents have been tested negative for the infection, the family is running from pillar to pillar trying to find out details of the blood samples that were used for transfusion.

Though the boy underwent his last blood transfusion at Roorkee hospital, citing National Aids Control Organization (NACO) guidelines on protecting the identity of donors, the hospital declined to provide the details of the family involved in the blood units.

Meanwhile, the Roorkee hospital authorities claim the child got infected while the family resided in Kaithal before moving to Roorkee where the boy underwent over 40 blood transfusions in two different hospitals.

The family is thinking of moving back to their village, as the local at Roorkee know of the situation and the boy will have to live with the stigma while the people at their village do not know of the boy’s HIV infection.