After Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Why I Am a Hindu’, Tasleema Nazreen announces ‘Why I Am not a Muslim’

In her latest tweet, Controversial writer Tasleema Nazreen announced the title of her new book.  The title goes like ‘Why I am not a Muslim’.

Recently Congress MP Shashi Tharoor released his new book named ‘Why I Am a Hindu’ and critics have been doing their rounds over it. Shashi Tharoor explained in an interview that, he tried to convey the message of how Hindutva undermining Hinduism through this book.

Tasleema, who faced hate campaign in her home country Bangladesh after writing the book ‘LAJJA’ , now coming up with this title and subject will surely disturb some minds.

Twitter already started a discussion over her book’s title and why it should release in India and Bangladesh. Twitteratis having a day out talks after her tweet.

Let’s check out the sneak peak of discussion.

People already started a discussion about how this book going to be banned and why every Muslim woman should read the book.

This tweet totally professed the outcome of the book release

In a recent literary event, she said that ‘ I will  not say sorry for my writing”.

At the same time, by writing ‘Why I Am a Hindu’, and criticising the Hindutva Shashi Tharoor haven’t faced any uproar yet. In the interview to India Today, he was seen trying to project himself as a Hindu foremost, an informed Hindu who can tackle the misled Hindutva organisation. For a viewer, it may be bit heartbreaking particularly when the former UN official is known to exercises his rationality.

There is also an opinion that Tharoor has joined the Congress brigade, which now is playing ‘temple politics’ that was first tested by Rahul Gandhi in the midst of Gujarat polls. Going by this, the title of the book could easily be his political strategy to woo Hindus.

To underline the politics of ‘Why I Am a Hindu’ ,  let’s quote Tasleema again, She also added that ”secularism and fundamentalism… the rational illogical mind and the irrational minefield… innovation and tradition and between the people who value freedom and who do not”.