AIFF fines Mumbai City FC, suspends players and officials

Mumbai, Dec 26 (IANS) The All India Football Federation (AIFF) disciplinary committee on Monday fined Mumbai City FC Rs.5 lakh for “team misconduct” during their ISL semi-final against Atletico de Kolkata (ATK) earlier this month under the AIFF Disciplinary Code Article 53B.

Additionally, the AIFF disciplinary committee found Mumbai player Thiago Dos Santos Cunha guilty of misconduct against opponents, thus suspending him for four matches and fining him Rs 3 lakh under Code Article 49 ‘Misconduct Against Opponents’.

Facundo Cardozo was also suspended for three games for post-match misconduct under Article 58 ‘Offensive Behaviour and Fair Play’.

Official Bhushan Tandel was also suspended for five matches and fined Rs two lakhs for post match misconduct against match officials under Article 58 ‘Offensive Behaviour and Fair Play’ and Article 60 ‘Threats’.

It began when the semi-final second leg took an ugly turn after the final whistle following an altercation between ATK’s Belencoso and Leo Costa of Mumbai.

Costa clipped Belencoso with the latter then having a go at the midfielder with his head, prompting angry reactions from both sides.

Several players got involved in separate arguments. Thiago Cunha, in a worst of all reactions, jumped off the ground and attempted to kick Belencoso.

ATK were also fined Rs 7 lakh earlier in two separate incidents of ‘team misconduct’. Belencoso was suspended for two matches.