Aiming to nab culprit behind braid chopping in Kashmir, police doubles rewards 6,00,000

Aiming to nab culprit behind braid chopping in Kashmir, police doubles rewards 6,00,000

Srinagar/Jammu and Kashmir, September 04: Mass hysteria on braid chopping incidents has now reached Kashmir. that gives fresh ammunition to separatists and militants to corner the security agencies.

According to the reports, the first braid chopping case was reported in September, about a month after Jammu Kashmir had also reported many similar incidents saying the separatists blamed the Indian security agencies.

Police officials have reported around 35 cases of braid chopping from Kashmir, and 192 from Jammu and Kashmir division.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, directed the Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid to form a special team in every district to track down the culprits. Also, the police doubled the rewards for information on braid choppers  Rs 6,00,000.

Reports say that on October 2 Riyaz Naikoo, Operational Commander of Militant Group Hizbul Mujahideen, aired an audio statement saying that “chopping off women’s braids was aimed at “weakening” the separatist movement”

Riyaz Naikoo claimed the motive behind that the security forces wanted to keep people away from the militants, in which they have curtailed their movement in the last two months, by creating more difficult for the security forces to trace them.

Naikoo stated that Emerging up to trace the mujahideen, the security agencies have started a new propaganda, “Agencies know that now when mujahideen enter people’s homes at night, the people will raise a cry out of fear, exposing the mujahideen.”

He also declares that a great conspiracy behind the braid chopping, referring to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, their main aim is  enmity with Islam and Kashmir, we all know that when a braid chopper was caught in Kulgam force fired on people to free them, the incident indicates that it is a clear who is involved in this conspiracy.

If any people could catch any suspected braid choppers, themselves rather than leave the job to the police,if the person is involved just handover him to the militants,

if not possible, grab the information from him and find out which agency is behind and what their motive, the best lesson is to punish him yourself so that it will be a lesson to others. Naikoo said

The militant leader concludes that he was ready to die on defending women against braid chopping, “If I attain martyrdom protecting the hair of a mother or sister, that deal is acceptable to me,” he also advised that women wear Islamic dress which says complete protecting and to not go out unaccompanied. He also asked the people to remain steadfast to “foil Indian conspiracies”.

The police commissioned experts from the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences to study the phenomenon stated that monkey-like creature attacking people in the national Capital in 2001 and shows that it was a mass hysteria

Police officials from J&K say that there were no suspects cases that related to braid chopping, the incident mainly aimed at families had mostly women in rural areas and no witness found.