Air India issue not in Speaker’s domain, Uddhav ji would save Gaikwad from blacklisting

Ravindra Gaikwad
Ravindra Gaikwad may soon be allowed to restart air travel, with pressure mounting on the civil aviation ministry day-by-day.
New Delhi, March 24:  After the Shiv Sena MP thrashed an Air India Staffer with Slippers, the issue is not in the Speaker’s domain as the episode took place outside the Parliament house. According to the system, the police is assumed to notify the Speaker’s office on the move against the MP.

After the incident, Gaikwad wrote a letter to the Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju and Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, while explaining the problems he faced in the flight.
Gaikwad in his letter said that he was deceived by the Air India and said he was given a business class ticket, but later he came to know that there was no business class segment in the flight.
While, he continued unapologetic about the incident of thrashing the Air India staffer, and challenged the Delhi Police to arrest him and take him into custody.” “I will not apologise. It was not my fault, it was his fault. He should apologise first. Ask him to apologise then we will see what to do,” Gaikwad told the media. He is remaining unapologetic even after two FIRs were registered against him for hitting a 60-year-old Air India staff member with his slippers. He had also forcibly held the flight and delayed it for 40 minutes. “Let the Delhi Police arrest me. Uddhav ji will decide the course of action,” he added.

Airline association bans Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad

An association of airlines has today resolved that Ravindra Gaikwad, a Shiv Sena MP who attacked a staff member of Air India, will not be allowed on flights, say sources, according to a report in by NDTV.

Air India has already blacklisted the MP. Tho move has been also backed by budget carrier IndiGo which said it will back any move which bars unruly passengers from flying, a day after Air India said it was thinking about preparing a no-fly listing.

The MP from Osmanabad in Maharashtra also tried to lighten the reports advising that Air India is thinking to ban him from boarding Air India flights.

“I have the tickets, they can’t blacklist me. I will board the Delhi-Pune Air India flight this evening. How can they prevent me?” he said.

Reportedly, an association of airlines has decided that Gaikwad will not be permitted on flights. It has also issued a statement stating to conduct a probe into the incident.

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has asked for a report to ascertain the facts before he decides on the next move in the issue.

Yesterday, the Shiv Sena said that it would not tolerate violence of any kind.

The scuffle broke out when Gaikwad was travelling from Pune to New Delhi as he got an economic class seat instead of a business class one. The MP argued that his ticket was for business class but Air India provided him only an economy class seat. (ANI)