Akshay Kumar gets 400 times more money than me: Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda’s film calendar in 2016 has seen packed with almost back-to-back films releasing at the box-office.

The actor has already had two releases this year, namely Laal Rang and Sarabjit and two more to go – Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani and Sultan.

The only other actor who has been as prolific in terms of the maximum number of releases is Akshay Kumar. At the press conference of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani when Randeep was likened to Akshay for acting in multiple films in a calendar year, the actor said, “Akshay Kumar gets four hundred times more money than me. There is no other difference.”

Randeep, however, went on to express his admiration for the Khiladi actor. Praising Akshay for being a real game-changer, Randeep said, “Akshay is one actor who is really evolved with every film. He is the most evolving actor that I have come across . From his action image he did comedy and now he is choosing films that have good content.

I am glad you are comparing me with Akshay. He is an actor who is always looking for growth. I look up to him.” Randeep also sounded unperturbed at the prospect of his films clashing with Amitabh Bachchan’s TE3N at the box-office. “All the best to them. These are very different films. We both will find our audience,” remarked Randeep.