Al Hammadi wins Dubai’s National Day Camel Marathon

Abu Dhabi ,Dec13:One hour, eight minutes.That’s how long it took Salem Al Hammadi to win Dubai’s second annual National Day Camel Marathon.

Narrowly passing 10 opponents in the final 6 miles (10km) of the grueling race, Al Hammadi was the first of 100 men on camel back to gallop over the finish line in the sweltering desert heat.
Dating back to 7th century, camel racing is one of the oldest sports in the United Arab Emirates and draws tens of thousands of fans and competitors from all over the region each year.
The 2016 National Camel Day Marathon kicks off in Dubai.
The 15-mile (24km) marathon is the longest and most arduous camel race in the country’s history.
The race on December 3 marked the country’s 45th UAE National Day Celebrations, which showcase traditional Emerati sports, such as camel racing, shooting, falconry and diving.