Alert | How good is the battery life of iPhone X than iPhone 8

Everybody are falling in love with iPhone X. Face ID is an excellent replacement for Touch ID, and the new edge-to-edge screen is getting massive reception.

But the feature that truly sells a customer on this phone is its battery life, which is now getting a good response as well.

The iPhone X actually has 2 batteries for a total of 2716 mAh. The 8 Plus has a battery of 2691 mAh.

iPhone 8 Plus: Up to 21 hours talk time, 13 hours Internet use, 14 hours video playback, 60 hours audio playback. iPhone X: Up to 21 hours talk time, 12 hours Internet use, 13 hours video playback, 60 hours audio playback.

With medium-to-heavy daily usage and exploring this new phone in the first place, keeping brightness all the way up, opening the phone dozens to hundreds of times a day to text and browse the web, and even relying on this phone to get through a couple of really long stints at the airport, then also most of the customers saying that battery life is always keeps around 40 percent mark. Since Low power mode is one of the users favourite iPhone feature, then that also helps to keep the battery out of a drain.

One can use their  favorite apps in “dark mode” to enjoy the dynamic range of the OLED screen — Twitter and the excellent Apollo Reddit client, chief among them —and spend a lot of time using this phone to watch videos, GIFs, take notes, set reminders, make calls, and constantly refresh Twitter. This phone is a workhorse, but between the OLED screen that saves some battery life, and its hyper-intelligent A11 Bionic chip that knows when to save energy, battery life simply has never been a problem.