All high courts in country to have ‘Justice Clocks’

NEW DELHI: Media reports said on Monday that the Centre would soon install ‘Justice Clocks’ — LED message display boards — in all 24 high courts of the country to show the daily rate of disposal of cases, the number of pending cases and the individual rank of each of these courts.

The idea, floated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year, to create public awareness in judicial matters, is set to be later implemented in all subordinate courts across the country.

Media reports quoting junior law minister PP Chaudhary said the aim was also to create a competition among the courts and also rank them according to performance, when it came to disposal of cases.

A model of this ‘clock’ was first installed in the Delhi office of the justice department, which comes under the law ministry, last year.

Apart from highlighting citizen-centric services, the clock installed in the capital’s Jaisalmer House provides information on district and subordinate courts, added the media reports.