Allow use of old Rs 500 notes, demands Mamata

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday asked the Union government to desist from making “meaningless, action-less announcements” on the nationwide cash crunch post demonetisation and suggested that the old Rs 500 currency notes be allowed to remain in use to ease the money crisis.

Calling the present situation in India “an unprecedented calamity”, Banerjee said the central government’s various announcements regarding the withdrawal and exchange of money was further confusing people.

“No need for anymore faltu (meaningless), action-less announcements. Sometimes blunders lead to more more blunders,” she said.

Banerjee gave what she called “some concrete suggestions” to restore normalcy and alleviate the people’s sufferings.

“We are looking for a solution. I have some concrete suggestions which will help restore normalcy & help all people who are suffering,” she said in a tweet.

“Govt should allow old Rs 500 notes to remain in circulation along with new notes. Also,Rs 100/50/10 notes must be made easily available.”

Banerjee also said Rs 1,000 notes may be withdrawn when circulation of other denominations improves or whenever the central government chooses.

“Rs 1,000 notes may be withdrawn when circulation improves by December 30. Or at your discretion. The Rs 2,000 notes are worthless to common people as they are unable to get change for it,” she noted.