Alluring works of digital art

New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANS) Digitization has made art more mystical and invigorating as it brings forward the hidden and also newer aspects to it thus giving it a fresh perspective. An ongoing exhibition of this kind here explores the possibility that exists between reality and abstraction.

The art show titled, “Allured” is on at Gallery Espace in New Friends Colony, till October 28.

“The exhibition explores the possibility that exists between photography and ‘not-photography’, between reality and abstraction, between a familiar world of objects and de-materialized forms, shapes, colour and light, giving free reign to the imagination,” artist Ashok Ahuja said told IANS.

“By turning his gaze towards the everyday lives he tries to find the simple relationship between the ordinary and the extraordinary,” he added.

The artist creates an effect of the art that inspires the audience. With technology being the root of it, an added dimension of allure surrounds it.

According to him, “a piece of art isn’t worthy enough if it does not uplift the soul. Art is as much about discovery and perception as it is about making and creating.”

Using the digital technology as a tool to express his own outlook, he wants to convey that “it is essential to break the barrier of restricted opinions towards experiences of one’s life”.

“The allure of the digital captivated me right from the start. I bought my first personal computer in 1985, the first notebook in 1991, my first digital camera in 1998, an A3 printer in 2002, and my own large format 44-inch pigment ink printer in 2008,” he said, adding: “I am fascinated by the potential of the digital world but I don’t like to do things just because they are possible”.

“I take from technology only the specific little that I need.”