Alwar gau rakshaks confess killing of dairy farmer Pehlu Khan: Uproar in Rajya Sabha

Gau rakshak killed one muslim man in Rajasthan
Cow vigilantes: Alwar lynching case stalls both Houses of Parliament.

Alwar/Rajasthan, April 6: Vipin Yadav (19), Ravendra (32) and Kaluram (44), caught for lynching dairy farmer Pehlu Khan to death has confessed to their crime. The men, who are residents of Behror,  where the incident happened on the Jaipur Highway, were arrested along with 11 others. According to media reports, the men have refused to be members of either the Vishwa Hindu Parishad or the Bajrang Dal. On Saturday, a large group of gau rakshaks had attacked Pehlu Khan and four others while they were transporting cattle along the Alwar highway.

While, both the houses of Parliament witnessed stormy scenes this morning as Congress and Shiv Sena, armed with adjournment notices on the Alwar lynching incident and the Gaikwad fly ban issue respectively, cornered the government.

When police reached the spot, they left the five men behind and fled. The men were hospitalised, but Khan, 55, a resident of Haryana, succumbed to his injuries on Monday night. Police said Khan and four others were attacked even as they produced documents to show that they had bought the cows.

The Rajasthan police have also announced a reward of Rs 5,000 for information on the other unidentified suspects. Rajasthan home minister Gulab Chand Kataria had justified the attack by gau rakshaks saying that both parties were to be blamed for Pehlu Khans death. He said illegal transport of cows was banned in the state.

When Pehlu Khan, 55, set out on the 240-km road trip from his home in Jaisinghpur village, in Nuh tehsil of Mewat, to Jaipur last Friday, he was planning to buy a milch buffalo. A dairy farmer, he was hoping to increase milk production during Ramzan. But on Saturday, he decided to buy a milch cow instead, as the seller extracted 12 litres of milk in front of him and offered him a good deal. That decision cost him his life.

That was the worst decision ever. It took my father’s life, said his son Irshad, 24. He and his brother, Arif, were with Khan when they were attacked by gau rakshaks in Behror area of Alwar, on National Highway 8, on Saturday evening. Khan succumbed to his injuries on Monday. The gau rakshaks reportedly accused them of illegally smuggling cows for slaughter.
The Rajasthan police have also registered a FIR against them for illegally transporting cattle for slaughter, based on a complaint filed by a person identified as Damodar Singh. The FIR states that Khan and the others did not have a purchase document or receipt. But Irshad claimed they had receipts to show that they had purchased the cows.